Monday, 16 April 2012

This is my design for Playful Promises S/S '13 'Paradise' collection.

Creamy pink suede sits next to a modern ‘ice-cream’ print suggesting summer naughtiness and sweet temptation. The design has a frivolous, playful feel with the colour palette keeping the style sophisticated. Unusual fabrication gives the design a modern edge - matte suede is combined with sheer, printed stretch powermesh. The set is made up of a bra with two-piece cup and suspender knicker, with two suggested colourways. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Marlies Dekkers Project

At the end of last year I worked on a collaborative project with Marlies Dekkers. The aim of the project was to produce two collections that would develop and grow the brand. I focused on the UK market, designing three collections that take inspiration from early Marlies designs and appeal to the UK consumer.

1st Collection: Swimwear

I feel that while there are a number of fantastic, directional lingerie brands in the UK, swimwear is still lagging behind in the design stakes. I felt this would be a fantastic opportunity for a brand like Marlies Dekkers to expand within the UK and proposed the collection below.

2nd Collection: Diffusion Range

 The second collection I proposed was a diffusion range inspired by early Marlies Dekkers designs such as the 'spider' bra shown below.

I wanted to design a collection of simple, edgy designs that could be updated each season using modern prints. The 'Wired' collection appeals to a young, trend conscious consumer who is attracted to the Marlies Dekkers aesthetic.

3rd Collection: Outerwear

'Good design can solve a problem'

...and this applies to fashion design. A problem experienced by Marlies Dekkers is that consumers simply don't know how to wear their products. Marlies lingerie designs are exciting and often extend beyond what is traditionally considered underwear - so how should the product be styled and sold to the consumer? My response to this issue was to design an outerwear collection that is purposely designed to be worn with corresponding lingerie pieces from the 'Wired' collection. Mesh panels on the garments are placed to reveal interesting design details on the lingerie, and could be styled and sold alongside the lingerie collection in a retail environment.

I was selected as a finalist and on presentation to the brand my proposed collections received a very positive response.
I'm a finalist!

I haven't posted on here recently as I have been ridiculously busy with uni deadlines, however, the hard work has paid off. After working on my submission for the Triumph Inspiration Award since January, a couple of weeks ago I (nervously) presented my design to a panel and was very happy to be selected as a national finalist. 

I can't show my garment however the image below is one integral to my project.